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Halo 5 Guardians Digital Copy Unlock Times Released

Did you pre-order Halo 5 Guardians? If so, then you’ll be pleased with this update from Microsoft. All official unlock times for those who pre-ordered have been released. In other words, the list below shows the exact time you can starting playing on your Xbox One.


If you aren’t aware yet, the Achievements have been released as well and you can see them here.

Details on player banning have also been released and you can see the 411 on that right here.

If you don’t feel like staying up until midnight on release day to buy a physical copy, standing in a long line, or even worse having the store sell out, thenĀ Pre Order Halo 5 Guardians and get Bonuses.

Here are the digital copy scheduled release times:

Greenwich Mean Time GMT, October 27, 12:01 AM
Eastern Standard Time, US, EST, October 27, 12:01 AM
Central Standard Time, US, CST, October 26, 11:01 PM
Mountain Standard Time, US, MST, October 26, 10:01 PM
Pacific Standard Time, US, PST, October 26, 9:01 PM
Australian Eastern Daylight Time, AEDT October 27, 12:01 AM
Australian Western Daylight Time, AWDT, October 26, 10:01 PM

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